Person standing in the forest between 2 giant Sequoia trees

Immersive Walks

Welcome to Parkside Paradise Virtual Walks. We've curated for you the highest quality collection of relaxing and immersive virtual walks in US National Parks created by the most accomplished YouTube guides and influencers. Here you are invited to relax, unwind, and experience the splendor of some of the US's most mesmerizing landscapes.

Expansive lake view with a pier in the foreground

Your Walks Collection

You can create a profile to like and save your favorite walks and revisit them again and again. You can also customize your experience with familiar and favorite paths by uploading your own walks, which others can then also enjoy.

A multi-branched tree in the middle of a lush green forest

Upcoming Features

Coming soon, you'll be able to find walks by terrian, state, and other criteria such as if your guide is speaking or if your walk will exclusively consist of the sounds of nature. We're currently featuring US National Parks and will be adding new parks regularly.